The Mindset of War

The Mindset of War

The mindset of war has its origin in the most basic mindset of all ― the mindset of humanity-as-a-whole that we call a worldview.

Every evil of war-thinking naturally proceeds from our present worldview of You OR Me, with its paired assumptions of disconnection and scarcity.   Neither are true.  However, nothing can shift until humanity thinks from an alternative worldview of You AND Me.  In such a transformed mindset, we live from being connected to Spirit, to nature and to each other.  Nor in such a worldview is there scarcity of what we all truly need – love, compassion and opportunity.

In my analysis, such a worldview, such a transformational shift, can occur only following a worldwide crisis.  And that crisis, a predicament rather than a set of problems-to-be-solved, is almost upon us.

So, the most pressing question for each of us becomes neither ‘How can we fix?’ nor ‘How can we be most safe?’ Rather, we live best when we ask this question:

‘How can each of us choose to live a magnificent life of love, compassion and full self-expression in the face of the danger that life is?’


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