Oh, You Cells. You’re Such Know-it-alls!

Oh, you cells!   You’re such know-it-alls!

I find it most useful to think this way:   “The pancreas knows how the toenail grows.”

This is the logical conclusion when you consider the case of an EKG. The electrical impulse of the heart can be picked up no matter where you put the skin electrodes.  The path of that impulse is direct from heart to every speck of skin, passing through every single cell, regardless whether bone, fat or muscle. Thus every cell in the body knows what ‘the heart is saying’. Similarly they also know what ‘the brain is saying’. from the electrical impulses of an EEG (electroencephalogram)

Does it not then follow that every cell must know what every other ‘cell is saying’?

And so… “The pancreas knows how the toenail grows, honey, honey.’   And the nail bed knows how the rectum goes, babe, babe…”

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