Metaphor, Metaphor, Wherefore Art Thou, Metaphor?

“Metaphor, metaphor.

Thy very name is metaphor”


“A metaphor by any other name

Is but more metaphor.”


What is, is.  All else is metaphor.”


“Our world exists in language

And that language is metaphor.”


“There is no world but metaphor”


“The creation of a reality is a well-told metaphor”


“There are facts and there is the meaning of those facts,

 tis said, tis said.

Yet are there facts at all?

Are not facts merely metaphors at a deeper level?”


“Are there facts at all?

Or is it metaphor to the core?”


“Is it metaphor

To the cor-ta-phor?”


“ Of those linguistic twins,

Meta and Phor, which birthed first?”


“Metaphor waits patiently

at the corner of Federal and Sixty-fourth

waiting for facts to cross the street.

The light never turns green.”


“Which is the way to metaphor?

Ah, all ways lead to Metaphor”


“All cowboys named Metaphor

Search forever for a horse named Facts”


“There is metaphor

And there is nothing”


“The world is born in metaphor

Lives in metaphor

Dies in metaphor.”


“The Buddha asks

‘What did your face look like

Before you were born?’

And the metaphor replies,

‘What face?’

‘Exactly, replies the Buddha.”


“Cogito, ergo sum”, Doctor D did proclaim

“You think, therefore you are”, you say?

You quite sure about that, Descartes?”

“Well, no, but it sure sounded good at the time.”



“Metaphor, metaphor,

Wherefore art thou, Metaphor?

I am everywhere,

Where else would be possible?


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