How’s Your DooDun Ratio?

You want to figure your mental health? Simple. Look at your Do/Done Ratio.

DO means what you DO for others.

DONE is what others do for you.

If the ratio is low, you’re probably in bad shape. You feel like a victim, you are withdrawn, you are resentful  and you live a life of quiet desperation waiting for something good to happen to you, which seldom does. You have few friends and they also have lousy DooDuns.  Life is about “No.”

If your ratio is high, you are having a blast, you have a lot of friends and both the present and the future look bright. People love being around you. Life is about “Yes.”

You want your life to shift? Well, then, shift it. Starting doing things for others. Anything. Make it up. Small stuff.

That’s it. That’s the Secret of Life ―your DooDun Ratio. Life comes down to choice.