Elders Rock! just made # 1 International Best Seller

Elders Rock! just made # 1 International Best Seller

I am delighted into incoherence.

I shall just babble!   Please bear with me.   This is NOT tight writing.

After one vision, seventeen months and twenty drafts later, my book, ELDERS ROCK! Don’t Just Get Older: Become an Elder launched. And it’s now an International Best Seller!   Hooah

If it didn’t sound too braggy, I would call it a GREAT book.   If enough people read it, the book could shift the way we hold aging.   Elder… with a capital E… is a great stage of life… the Best!


I hope you are one of those that purchased it. The book is going to be hard-copy listed at $14.95… as low as possible so that a lot of copies are out there. So if you’re a Kindle reader, it’s a good deal indeed.       www.book.eldersrock.com

I am sure not going to make any money on the book, which is perfectly fine. Books don’t make money, but for a few, a tiny few… around three tenths of one percent.

Experienced authors say there are only two reasons to write books. First is because it’s a hobby. That is not my reason. My hobby is sculpting weird and wonderful pieces of river-bottom wood. Now that’s a hobby.   Writing is a lot of work.

And writing is the easy part, other authors tell me.   Getting it published is hard work.   But so far, the publishing arm of Amazon, Createspace, has given me great service and the folks on my project team have been uniformly kind and knowledgeable.

The hardest of all, they say, is marketing the book.   I am looking forward to that. I once founded … and marketed … one of the largest cosmetic surgical practices in the country… back when it was so brand new, people didn’t even know what plastic surgery was… “Hey, Doc, what kinda plastic do you use?”


The second reason is because you have a message. And that is it… in spades… for me.

I live inside a powerful commitment to restore Elder as our natural third stage of life ― wise, compassionate and cherished. That’s my message in a nutshell. It is become the context of my entire life.   And I love it that I, nine months into my 80th year, have such a great commitment.   Within it, I find myself enthusiastic, joyous … and creative.

I am an Elder.   I am an Elder!   Not just as an age, but because I have declared myself one. And I have more compassion, more understanding of life, more appreciation for life’s patterns.

But I ramble with excitement… so I shall stop.   Hooah!


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