I am an Elder and I Love it!

I am an Elder and I love it.

You and I live on this beautiful blue-green planet hovering in space. We are its crew.

Yet, we humans, the most evolved species, do not get along with each other. Strange, because our organs get along with each other: the spleen never declares war on the pancreas. All 100 trillion of our cells cooperate and communicate with each other. Yet we humans, we walking-around cells of this living organism called Gaia, live inside a world view of competition and disconnection. We have a world in trouble.

I have two great intentions:

The first is that our global worldview shift from its present competitive You OR Me worldview to a cooperative You AND Me paradigm.

My second intention is that Elder is restored as our Natural Third Stage of Life – Wise, Compassionate and Cherished.

I have written a book. It is titled Elders Rock! It is subtitled: Don’t just get older: Become an Elder.

The book has two purposes… The first is to restore the respect our Elders were given for 99.7 percent of humanity’s life ― 200,000 years.

For the past two hundred years, a blink of the evolutionary eye, Elders as a group have been disparaged and sidelined. For eons, Elder was trained by five generations.― grandparents, parents, friends, their children and their grandchildren. With the loss of family, adults arrives at the stage of possible Elderhood ― untrained and unready.

Biologists tell us humans are unique for two reasons– our opposable thumb and our brain that can think about thinking. There’s a third reason:   Women are Unique.

Question: In every single species, what is that bizarre thing the female does when she can no longer produce young?   She dies. All except for the human species. Human females live another half a lifetime.

This is more extraordinary than those other two things that make human beings unique ―our opposable thumb and our brilliant neocortex. We are the only species that has a third stage of life – Elder. The million and a half other species only have a two stage life ― Youth and Adult. Not only does our Elder stage give us two generations to care for our young, but it gives us women who, no longer procreators, can become cocreators of humanity’s great future. And they have, on an average, an extra thirty five years to do so. Woman is amazing…. Especially the post-menopausal woman. It is time she comes out of the closet!   It is she who can save the planet.

With our loss of elder, we are heading toward having merely a two stage life ― Youth and Adult. This is an evolutionary backstep. How much longer can we have a world run by mere adults without supervision from wise Elders?

My book presents a blueprint for women – and men – to train themselves to become Elders, to become wise and compassionate and to become of great service to their family, to their community and to the world.

Elders Rock!   Don’t just get old: Become an Elder. Elder is not an Age of Life. It is a Stage of Life. You are never too old … or too young … to declare yourself to be an Elder!

HarveyWAustin@yahoo.com Reproduce at Will with Attribution.


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