First BlogSpot Interview Was Terrific!

I was just interviewed by a delightful licensed psychotherapist, James Miller, on BlogTalk Radio.

The show’s title is, Celebrating Your Life as You Age:  Become an Elder.  It is my first interview since Amazon listed Elders Rock! in hard copy.  The both of us had great fun and I sound like an exuberant youth on a mission ― full of fire.

Please click on my Speaker Page   It’s 25 minutes long and quite dynamic. (You can skip the first two minutes of commercial.



Elders Rock! Now in Hard Copy

“ELDERS ROCK! Don’t Just Get Older: Become An Elder”

“To Be An Elder Means to Live Life in Full-Bloom”

 “The purpose of this powerful book is to restore humanity’s natural Third Stage of Life ― Elder.”