Arno T. Rant

Arno T. Rant is also known as Our Now Tyrant:  the tyrant of our times.



Imagine our era of wild consumerism to be a person.   And imagine his name to be Arno.

Arno is a petty tyrant.  He is clever, a master of sly propaganda.  He rules, smirking and invisible, below our level of conscious discovery.

He has installed in us an overall rule: “Who gets the Most Stuff Fastest, Wins.”

Arno has divided us into two groups.  And he has brain-dirtied each group differently.

The Stuff Group worships Stuff. We are the “getters”. We in the Stuff Group are most comfortable when focused on accumulating stuff. We are shoppers for goods, shoppers for money, shoppers for power.  Our slogan is, “Get a great deal.” We are housewives and executives and politicians; the titles don’t matter, most have none.

The Time Group worships Time.  We are the “doers”.  We in the Time Group are most comfortable when focused on doing.  Our slogan is, “Accomplish the most in the least time.”  Our watchwords are effectiveness and efficiency.  We have huge to-do Lists.

When we in either group fail to meet Arno’s installed standards he has trained us to self-punish — with frustration, anxiety, self-anger.  Insomnia.


Is this a useful way of looking at our era of runaway consumerism?  Perhaps.   After all, notice our own emotional condition so much of the time — frustrated, upset and uncertain.  Perhaps waking in the middle of the night, afraid but not knowing why. It could be Arno whispering.

Watch Arno at work.  By our noticing alone, Arno’s power diminishes.